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Sandra (Sandi) Saksena; Express yourself fully, make a difference, be a leader.

Sandi has lived in the GCC for 46 years. Circumstances forced her to enter the work force at the age of 44 she had no prior work experience to create a CV.

Sandi devotes her time to her job in personal financial planning with Nexus Insurance Brokers.  She also heads the division ‘Family Matters’ at Echelon Advisors and Management Consultants, her family firm.  Her primary focus is the Financial Independence and  Empowerment of Women.


Sandi is an avid contributor to the media on topics related to personal finance, a regular guest speaker on radio and TV and is frequently quoted in the business pages of local and international publications. Sandi uses her expertise in financial planning and talents in public speaking at conferences and seminars to build awareness and promote financial Independence for women.


Sandi believes trust, empathy, sharing and giving, Openness to new ideas
integrity are essential ingredients to success in both the personal and professional arenas.


Her active participation in multiple health camps in association with Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists of India I has given her on the ground experiences with women in the 8 states in the North East of India, along the Ganga in Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand, in Madhya Pardesh along the Narbada River and with the women weavers and tribes in association with the NGO Mahashakti  in Bhopal.


A hands on interactive person Sandi has established Laksh-Me a foundation in India, a viable platform   to achieve sustainable results. The Objective is to uplift women financially by first understanding their social/ cultural conditioning  and then working  to bring about a transformation in their psyche


Adventurer and Spiritual seeker


Sandi is an avid traveller who enjoys challenging locales like the Arctic Circle, Macchu Picchu Peru, Lake Titicaca Bolivia, Bhutan, the Shaolin Temple in China, Ulluru in Australia, Shambhala in Mongolia and Mount Kailash in Tibet.


As part of her pushing boundaries Sandi has done sky diving, rappelling, white water rafting, bungee jumping, horse riding and mushing with huskies.

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