The International SHEROES Forum will feature dynamic speakers and interactive sessions. Come listen to African women trailblazers talk about how they are redefining pathways to power in businesses, politics and in our communities. We want to evaluate women’s participation in positions of power in the public and private sectors and also identify challenges and barriers hindering our effective participation.


Our aim is to develop strategies to accelerate and stimulate dialogue between Women and Development Partners. This we hope, will ensure, progressively, that women are at the center of Development, Peace and Economic sustainability in Africa.


We need to make significant impacts in the movement for Gender Equality in Africa; that means we must connect with a diverse array of Stakeholders to build community around a shared vision. The new Rules of Engagement demand that we leverage our influence across multiple spheres, generate progressive partnerships and draw up innovative and tangible action plans.


Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda, Former President of Malawi
Chairperson - “ELECT HER IN AFRICA – EHIA”



  • “ELECT HER IN AFRICA” (EHIA) – Supported by The Joyce Banda Foundation, AU/Diaspora African Forum and SHEROES Foundation. EHIA’s sole aim is to encourage women to run for elected offices in Africa and to encourage Governments to appoint women to various positions.

Goal of EHIA is to:  

  • Remove restrictions on Women’s political participation
  • Increase the number of Women elected officials at the national, provincial and local levels
  • Advocate for legislation that encourages the full equality of women and men
  • Assist Women candidates with developing skills in traditionally male dominated areas
  • Establish mentoring programs that allow senior-level, national and international role models for women aspirants, candidates and newly elected officials.



  • The journey of Female Visionaries and Pioneers in the Political landscape
  • Why Women matter? Investing in Gender Equality so women can compete in predominantly male sectors such as the ENERGY, OIL & GAS SECTORS
  • Mutual linkages: infrastructure Development in Africa and the link to Gender Equality
  • Engaging Philanthropy to promote African Women’s Empowerment

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