SHEROES Foundation is pleased to announce the fifth edition of the International SHEROES Forum, which will be held in Accra-Ghana, May 17 -19, 2018.


This edition will offer targeted development opportunities for Women to improve Capabilities, Communication, Understanding and Sensitivity between genders and cultures. In order to grow and achieve our potential personally and professionally; and address the unique obstacles that we face, Women need to support and encourage each other. Increasingly, we have included the participation on-stage and in the audience, of men who champion Women's causes.


Attendees will have access to:

  • High Level Panel Discussions
  • Content-rich Workshops with great Leaders and Entrepreneurs
  • Action-packed Learning
  • Vivid Narratives (Tedx-Style Talk)
  • Insights from highly regarded Motivational Speakers and Health Professionals

As part of the program at the International SHEROES Forum, we will present the SHEROES Awards which is an annual scheme that has been instituted by the SHEROES Foundation to recognize and honor Women who have contributed to the struggle for Social and Economic independence at various levels with Excellence.

Our goal is to provide an impactful and empowering experience that will motivate a transformation for all those that attend.



The International SHEROES Forum is a Knowledge-Sharing and Networking event bringing together Female Leaders of diverse achievements from all over the World to bring new perspectives to key issues facing women. We believe that women's experiences, expertise, and vision are essential for achieving sustainable political, social and economic advancements. The Forum will also feature Women Leaders in Africa and the International Community coming together to dialogue, engage, motivate and inspire one another.

Over the past years, the Forum has witnessed a retinue of world-accomplished women who have excelled in various fields of endeavors; they have motivated and inspired attendees to higher heights of their careers.  The feedback has been positive and constructive changes have taken place emotionally, socially and economically.

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