SHEROES Foundation is pleased to announce the eigth edition of the International SHEROES Forum, which will be held in Accra-Ghana, May 16 -18, 2019.


This Forum is a Knowledge-Sharing and Networking event bringing together Female Leaders of diverse achievements from all over the World to bring new perspectives to key issues facing women. We believe that women's experiences, expertise, and vision are essential for achieving sustainable political, social and economic advancements. The Forum will also feature Women Leaders in Africa and the International Community coming together to dialogue, engage, motivate and inspire one another.


This year's event will offer targeted development opportunities for Women to improve Capabilities, Communication, Understanding and Sensitivity between genders and cultures. In order to grow and achieve our potential personally and professionally; and address the unique obstacles that we face, Women need to support and encourage each other. Increasingly, we have included the participation on-stage and in the audience, of men who champion Women's causes; our “HE-FOR-SHEROES



  • Create a compelling personal brand that reflects your authentic self and exudes confidence and leadership.
  • Learn techniques that help propel you forward in leadership and in governance
  • Acquire steps to utilizing effective communication to bridge the gender gap.
  • Build and leverage networks that help you achieve your goals.
  • Incorporate sustainable practices that will improve your overall wellbeing across your mental, emotional and physical foundations.
  • Create strategies for dealing with stress and work-life balance.
  • Learn new ideas and approaches that you can implement in your life and chosen profession to help inspire others.

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