At the International SHEROES Forum 2023 (ISF2023), we will take on the bold conversations that impact the future of women leaders in our communities and the world-at-large - just as we have done for the past few years of relevant topics and empowering moments at our fora. We are committed to bringing to light the bold and inspiring ideas to help women advance in their personal lives, careers, and communities.


We will share the stage with expert speakers who will highlight new insights and introduce forward-thinking perspectives that will encourage you to fully participate in future conversations confidently and courageously - and have the fortitude to lead these bold conversations back in your communities with greater sustainable impact.


Over 300 women and men from various countries in Africa and abroad will meet in Accra, Ghana for education, inspiration, and networking. Our conference is the premiere opportunity for 3 days of powerful leadership development. Attendees note their top two objectives in attending are to expand knowledge and gain inspiration – and that’s what we deliver. The conference is open to women and men alike.


SHEROES Foundation is honored to host this world class leadership development event to inspire women and girls from all walks of life – you don’t want to miss it!

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