Why Attend

The SHEROES Forum is designed for Women in Politics and Business Leadership roles and those who aspire to be – including: Mid-Level to Senior Managers, Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, and C-Level titled jobs -- in Corporations, Non-profits and Government Agencies. Current Female Political Figures and Aspirants would also benefit from participating because of the experience of our featured Speakers. Additionally, this Forum is a great opportunity for Men who lead diverse teams and are seeking greater understanding of how to better recruit, engage, advance, and retain talented women. The youth will also stand to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and wisdom from these tried-and-true Women Speakers

  1. Come listen to Women pioneers who are a driving force for Political and Social Change
  2. Network with High Profile Women Leaders who are shaping the Continent's future
  3. Exchange on best practices and experiences to empower women in Business
Whether you attend to drive your personal development, improve your leadership potential or just networking -- this is the forum for you!


Women In Politics: Encouraging participation to influence policies
Feminism: Are we getting it wrong?
Entrepreneurship: Equipping yourself for success in Business
Women In Agriculture: Higher productivity
Economic empowerment: Poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth  
“Emotional Money”: Women and their money matters
Women and Health: Mind, Body and Soul



  • High Level African government officials
  • Women Political Leaders
  • African CEOs and business leaders
  • Members of the UN and the diplomatic corps
  • CIWiL – Heads of Caribbean Institute of Women in Leadership
  • Africans in the Diaspora
  • Leading thinkers in Africa and internationally
  • Think-tanks, research institutes, and academic institutions
  • Media leaders
  • Strategic regional and international women’s organizations’

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