SHEROES Foundation is pleased to announce the seventh edition of the International SHEROES Forum, which will be held in Accra, Ghana, in May 2019. This will build on the success of our recently held Forum in Liberia from17th-19th October 2018. The Theme for this event is: Setting New Paradigms For Women’s Leadership In Africa.


This Forum is a Knowledge-Sharing and Networking event that assembles Leaders of diverse achievements from all over the Continent to bring new perspectives to key issues facing women. We believe that women's experiences, expertise, and vision are essential for achieving sustainable political, social and economic advancements in Africa. As one of the fastest growing regions, Africa has numerous prospects in sectors such as agriculture, technology and energy sectors.


We believe African countries ought to make complete use of the skills and talents of all its citizens-including its women – to transform its markets and societies and to achieve its vision of sustainability and prosperity. We know that women are more economically active in Africa – as farmers, workers and entrepreneurs – than anywhere else in the world. Yet across Africa women face an array of barriers to achieving their full potential, from limited access to capital, markets, business skills, technology and highly segmented labor markets. Eliminating gender inequality and empowering women could raise the productive potential of about 1.3 billion Africans, bringing an enormous boost to the continent’s economic development.


The International SHEROES Forum has witnessed many impactful women come through to tell their stories – not only to raise awareness about the great work that they have been doing but to motivate future generations to emulate their strategic approaches to making a difference in society. We hope to draw up tangible action plans and execute contemporary strategies to aid our cause for economic empowerment and the sustainable development goals of the UN. The Forum will also feature Women Leaders in Africa and the International Community coming together to dialogue, engage, motivate and inspire one another.

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