PANEL DISCUSSION I: Women In Politics: Conversations With Great Political Minds On Female Leadership And Social Transformation
  • According to research, in the past 20 years, women have doubled their global numbers in parliaments, from 11 to 22 percent. Seventeen percent of ministers globally are women; and in 2015 there were 18 women as heads of state or government including the impressive Two-Term President of Liberia. Women’s participation in politics is socially transformative. Yet women face many barriers to their political participation. At current rates of progress, political parity will not be reached until 2080, making equality in politics the highest hurdle women face.
  • How can Women Leaders impact and encourage women’s participation in strategic political positions?
PANEL DISCUSSION II: Female Traditional Rulers And Their Role In Governance
  • What are their roles in political governance?
  • Do we think Female Traditional Rulers marginalised by their communities?
  • What is their representation on the Traditional Council? 
  • What is the role of Culture and Religion in the advancement or hindrance of Women’s Leadership?
PANEL SESSION III: Work Life Balance

The Turning Point

There is a crucial turning point in every life and/or career, a “breakthrough” moment that determines not only what you do but who you are. “TED-style” talks with SHEROES flair. In one serious hour we’ll present four smart, insightful, impactful human stories about the issues that challenge convention and tradition and will absolutely change the way you see the world. These speakers will provide an inspirational opening for the International SHEROES Forum 2017. Because as different as each of us may be or our story may be; we can all recognize that moment that changes everything.

PANEL SESSION I: Key Sustainability Address: The Journey Of Female Visionaries And Pioneers In Corporate Leadership And Entrepreneurial Paths
  • Leadership Strategy – styles skills and insight into what works
  • Women in Business and Corporate Leadership: Strengthening decision making structures through increased participation and inclusion
  • What can we do to increase the number of Women in Corporate Leadership?
  • How have women in leadership negotiated our Cultural and Traditional roles definitions and demands
  • How can we have better access to capital, mentorship and connections to support female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses
  • What kinds of policies and programs can facilitate greater participation of female entrepreneurs in the global market
PANEL SESSION II: Supporting Women’s Entrepreneurship And Trade

Women Encounter A Number Of Obstacles On Their Entrepreneurial Path In Their Efforts To Be Part Of The Global Economy.

  • How Can We Have Better Access To Capital, Mentorships And Connections To Support Female Entrepreneurs To Grow And Scale Their Businesses.
  • What Kind Of Policies And Programs Can Facilitate Great Participation In The Global Market? 
  • How Can Women's Entrepreneurship And Greater Participation In Trade Create More Stable Economies?
PANEL SESSION III: "He For Sheroes" Discussion - Support From Men For The Women's Cause
  • Women’s support of each other is powerful and necessary. But women are not alone. Men who are using their power to improve the lives of girls and women have joined them. What drives these men to stand with us and how do we get more involved?

  • How do they assess the progress women have made in the past decade, and what can we still do to enhance the process as we move forward?

  • What has the movement for women’s rights meant for men, and who are the women they most respect? We’ll explore these and other questions with a few great men who have made delivering for girls and women one of their passions.

Right Leadership, Right Strategy, Right Results


Mission: Starting a business is one thing, maintaining a business successfully requires timely collaborative, strategic, tactical, and operational understanding.
Come and learn relevant ways to starting, running and growing your business successfully

  • What are the leadership competencies and business capabilities for sustained success in this environment?
INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION: A Day Of Reflection: Wellness And Lifestyle (Mind, Spirit & Body)
  • Motivational Speeches and Life Coaching
  • Women’s Health Initiative – Breast and Cervical Cancer knowledge
  • Cover a range of topics including hormonal and non-hormonal therapies, uterine bleeding, challenging menopause cases, cancer screening, and mental health.
  • Personal and professional stress and well-being management - that will offer techniques to maintain a healthy, positive and balanced lifestyle.
  • Address how clinicians treat, support and guide women with the physical, psychological and emotional changes they experience after reaching their 40s and beyond
  • Benefits of exercises, yoga practices, Pilates etc.
  • Describe current trends and clinical findings related to caring for women during perimenopause and menopause
  •  Evaluate management options for a variety of clinical challenges when caring for women over 40, including irregular bleeding, chronic pelvic pain, cancers, obesity, dermatologic issues and sexuality.
  • Recognize the effects of anxiety and depression in older women.
  • Identify benefits and limitations of breast and ob-gyn cancer screening and prevention.


Discuss strategies to manage the female aging process with the support of meditation techniques, good sleeping habits, and personal strengthening practices.

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