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SHEROES Delegation Represents At The Inauguration In Liberia

A Delegation of Women from the SHEROES Foundation arrived in the capital, Monrovia on January 19th 2018 to congratulate and celebrate the new President George Weah and Vice-President Jewel Howard Taylor. Her Excellency Howard-Taylor is a member of the SHEROES Organization! The Delegation included Founders of the SHEROES Foundation, Maxine and Flossy Menson, H.E Rev. Dr. Mrs. Gifty Lamptey, Nana Tseasewaa III, Nana Appiantua IV, Naa Ablade I, Briggette Harrington, Maureen Umeh, Aba Nicol-Hayfron, Efam Dovi, Pastor Dayo Benjamin-Laniyi and Edith Kachale-Banda (Daughter of H.E. Dr. Joyce Banda, former President of Malawi)

The SHEROES Representatives joined the Women of Liberia at a rally on Saturday, January 20th to honor H.E. Jewel Howard Taylor; The event was also attended by H.E. George Weah and his wife, H.E. Mrs. Clar Weah, the President said in his speech to the women, that he is looking to make his cabinet 50% women, which drew thunderous cheers from the women especially the SHEROES, who then started chanting “He for She”, He for She”!  H.E. Howard-Taylor on her part thanked the Women of Liberia for ensuring victory for her party, they voted in their numbers and it counted. She also personally thanked the SHEROES Delegation for coming to support her.


The crescendo of the visit was of course, the Inauguration ceremony, which was well attended by Dignitaries from all over Africa and the MENA region. The inauguration began in Samuel Kanyon Doe stadium near the capital, Monrovia, with several African heads of state in attendance, along with friends and former colleagues from his football years. Expectations are sky-high among Liberians that President Weah and VP Taylor will deliver on campaign promises of jobs and better schools for the youth that make up about 60% of the population of Liberia.


SHEROES Foundation is so proud of our own SHEROES Award Recipient H.E. Jewel Howard-Taylor, who graciously accepted the call to work for her people. We wish her all the best and we have assured her of our perpetual support in all her endeavors

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